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We’re excited about the future of golf entertainment, and we invite you to join us on our mission.

Where Golf Entertainment & Game Improvement Meet

We will use the funds from our private and public capital raises to develop golf entertainment venues facilities that offer a fun, all-inclusive and engaging environment for recreational golfers and more serious players alike.

We want players of every skill level to improve their game using our state-of-the-art PGA level tracking technology, Powered by Top tracer Range, that provides a highly-realistic golf simulation in a comfortable suite with food & beverage service in your suite


Join The Golf Evolution

*Please note our Reg A+ offering is currently closed.

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Share Price: $5.30 per share

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Minimum: $500 per investor

Golfsuites 1 regulation a+ offering

Investment Opportunity Available to Investors of All Wealth Levels

This offering for GolfSuites 1 has been qualified by the SEC to sell shares under Regulation A+ to investors of all wealth levels. The company intends to raise up to $50M. Investors will be paid an annual dividend of 8% invested capital, paid monthly.* For many investors, the dividends may be tax-free for several years.**

*Since the tax treatment of any distributions may vary according to the financial performance of the company, as well as the particular circumstances of the investor, investors should consult their own tax advisers, and should not assume that the distributions will be subject to the same tax treatment from year to year. GolfSuites 1, Inc. will not generate revenues or profits until the company has built facilities, and there is no guarantee that those facilities will be profitable. The company will set aside a capital reserve as investments are received; dividend payments will initially be made from this reserve. There can be no guarantee of future profits.

**During the early years it is likely that dividend payments will be tax-free due to favorable real estate depreciation tax rules combined with the likely treatment of dividends as a tax-free return of capital to investors and thereafter as capital gains income for a limited period. The dividend will only be payable to the extent there are legally available funds. GolfSuites does not offer tax advice. Investors should consult their own tax adviser for information regarding their own tax situations.

Be Part Of The Future Of Golf

GolfSuites brings together the most realistic golf entertainment and holistic game improvement experience, including a 300+ yard driving range, simulated green sites and hazards, professional-quality golf balls and equipment, coaching, restaurants, bars, multiple types of video and live music entertainment all under one roof.

Our next-generation, golf entertainment venue will leverage state-of-the-art technology, upgraded member and VIP amenities, and superior hospitality to deliver engaging, fun customer experiences for both avid and recreational sports enthusiasts.

GolfSuites is targeting avid and novice golfers, families, Millennials and other segments seeking recreation and entertainment in golf complexes. Our facilities will be designed to effectively host corporate meetings and team building events, fundraisers, family celebrations, national skill event qualifiers, and professional showcase events.

The company will initially be sourcing and satisfying ongoing development and operational capital needs from several sources including the use of six (6) Regulation A+ funding rounds starting with GolfSuites 1 (Midwest Region), which is currently accepting investments.

The Broad Appeal Of GolfSuites

The undoubted appeal of new concepts, such as GolfSuites becomes immediately apparent when reviewing the core demographics of various golf facilities.

TopGolf shows 51% of its audience are non-golfers and 54% are in the very desirable 18-34 age group, according to Sports Business Daily.

Cities such as Houston and Dallas each have four-five TopGolf locations, and these facilities have the potential to generate gross revenue in excess of $300-500K each, per week. Existing facilities are estimated to produce gross revenue of $15-25M annually based on location, venue size, and population densities. In addition, the local economic impact of each of these facilities may be as much as $250 million over ten years, based on primary research at 30+ sites, industry estimates, TopGolf press releases, and other substantiated marketing materials.

TopGolf has demonstrated they can draw large numbers of people to their facilities. However, the under-supply of facilities to meet the acute demand for golf-themed entertainment venues is distinctly clear. Analysis of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level Metropolitan Service Areas (MSAs) in the US suggest there are opportunities for 1000+ facilities of varying sizes. These include many state capital cities, large urban metro areas, college towns, and other population centers with favorable demographics.

GolfSuites Hybrid Growth Chart

$26 Billion

The food and beverage segment of the $552B hospitality market consists of bars, restaurants, cafés, and other establishments. Food and beverage is currently a $16.25B industry that is projected to grow to $26B by 2022.

$33 Billion

Golf facilities make up a huge portion of the $84B golf industry, operating 15K locations that generate $33B of revenue.

GolfSuites Hybrid Growth Chart
GolfSuites Investment Offering

Evolving The Golf Experience

Over the last 20 years, traditional 18-hole golf course participation has declined. This is not necessarily due to a lack of interest, but rather to the challenges and issues surrounding the sport as it exists today.
This includes three major factors:

  • The time required to play 18 holes
  • The cost of equipment and course/membership fees
  • The skill level required to play

However, golf participation, specifically first-time players, has grown steadily over the last five years and is projected to keep growing. Even more telling is the fact that very interested non-golfers who expressed an interest in playing grew from 8 million in 2013 to 15 million in 2017, according to the National Golf Foundation¹.

This is a clear indication that the issue is not with the sport of golf itself, but with the overall golf course and practice range experience.

For seasoned golfers, the concerns are:

  • Unpredictable weather
  • Course access and available tee times
  • Lack of events
  • Poor food and beverage options

For new golfers, the concerns are:

  • Social and skill level intimidation
  • Cost
  • Golf course etiquette and dress requirements
  • Cost of renting or buying equipment
GolfSuites is uniquely designed to capitalize on these trends, meeting the needs of both seasoned and new golfers alike.

New golfers are looking for more affordable, less time-consuming, less intimidating ways to embrace the game. Entirely new types of facilities and experiences are coming to market in hybrid golf-themed entertainment venues. These facilities are designed not just for avid golfers, but tailored for beginners, family fun, entertainment, recreation, corporate and family events, and provide a more casual, party-like atmosphere.

“Off-course” golfers who did not play golf on a regular golf course during the past year but played at a modern driving range, golf entertainment venue like GolfSuites or on an indoor golf simulator grew to 8.3 million in 2017 according to a National Golf Foundation (NGF) survey². New hybrid golf and entertainment facilities are attracting first-time golfers at the rate of 51%.

Technology is providing new capabilities, critical game improvement data, better engagement through gamification, customization and social sharing for both new and avid golfers.

GolfSuites addresses a clear gap in the market, in a high demand niche that is set to continue to flourish.



*Data Source: IBISWorld, Indoor Sports Facilities Management Industry in the US, Industry Market Research Report, February 2018 

Market size estimates are based on the Company’s internal analysis of primary research at 30+ sites, industry estimates, MSA data, and TopGolf press releases and marketing materials.

GolfSuites 1, Inc. (the “Company”) will not be able to meet the filing deadline, April 29, 2020, for its annual report on Form 1-K due to circumstances related to COVID-19.  As a result, the Company intends to take advantage of relief afforded under Rule 257(f) of Regulation A pursuant to the Securities Act to file its 1-K as soon as possible prior to June 13, 2020. Further details may be found in the Company’s Current Report that can be found here.

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Dear GolfSuites Guest,

We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our Team Partners, our Guests and our local communities while continuing to operate safely and responsibly. To ensure this, we are following all state and local mandates in line with the CDC guidelines and have put the below additional steps in place.

We are asking each of our Guests to also do your part to help us keep things safe and lower any risk of exposure while in a public place. Please make sure, per city/state guidelines, you are wearing a face-covering while in the interior of our venues or any space that physical distancing is not possible, please follow physical distance guidelines while within our venues and most importantly if you are feeling under the weather, ill or have tested positive for COVID-19 please stay home so we may be here to serve you in the future.

Additional Safety Guidelines within our venue(s):

  • All Team Partners are required to wear face coverings.
  • All Team Partners are screened before coming in to work each day, including temperature checks as well as assessments for any COVID-19 symptoms and/or possible exposure.
  • Team Partners have been educated on COVID-19 symptoms and have been directed not to come to work if any symptoms or potential exposure has occurred.
  • We are observing and requiring 6-foot physical distancing throughout the venue.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are installed through the venue.
  • Proper handwashing procedures are posted in all restrooms.
  • Outdoor dining areas are being kept available and open for service.
  • Indoor dining areas have been spaced to a minimum of 6-foot physical distance between tables.
  • If golf suites or tables are not available upon your arrival, we are asking you to wait in our outdoor 19th Hole area, with physical distance or in your vehicle until we notify you that your golf suite is available.
  • Our open-air suites are limited to a maximum of six Guests per golf suite.
  • Major touch points, as well as golf suites, monitors, golf clubs and other equipment, are being sanitized after every group departs, prior to the next group being assigned to the suite.
  • Managers on duty are trained and making sure all sanitation tasks are completed.
  • Single-use, disposable menus are available along with QR code access to our menu on your personal smartphone or device.
  • Guests are provided a new glass for each drink refill. Condiments (ketchup and mustard) are available upon request and are single use only.
  • Again, we ask any Guests who are ill, showing symptoms or who may have been exposed to stay at home and save your visit for the future.

Warmest regards,

GolfSuites Signature

Scott McCurry
Vice President of Operations, GolfSuites

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

How is GolfSuites responding to COVID-19?

  • The safety and health of our Guests and Team Partners is our top priority, therefore we are following all local, state and CDC guidelines while staying on top of the updates and changes daily.
  • We have put added safety measures in place, with physical distancing, Team Partner procedures and doubled down on all sanitization efforts throughout our venues in both the Guest and the Team Partner areas of our venue.
  • Our commitment is to provide a fun environment in which every Guest can play, eat, drink and enjoy safely.

How is GolfSuites ensuring the golf play and or dining areas are safe?

  • Our open-air suites provide eight to 14 feet (4.27 meters) of space between each group, plus a metal screen cover divider between each computer monitor station.
  • Our automated ball dispensers allow for contact-free golf balls disbursement and use.
  • Each of our golf suites is thoroughly sanitized, between each group of Guests – including clubs, game screens, tabletops, and other frequently touched surfaces.
  • We are limiting our golf suites to 6 people per suite (if your group exceeds the 6, we ask you to request a second golf suite at the time of check in).

Am I required to wear a face-covering when at GolfSuites?

  • We follow local city mandates and currently the City of Jenks does have a city-wide mandate for Mask wearing while in public spaces.

What are you doing to ensure GolfSuites Team Partners’ safety during this time?

  • Our Team Partners are our GolfSuites family. We have a designated entrance area where Team Partners receive a health check before coming in for their shift. All Team Partners and Mangers are required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Frequent and consistent hand washing and sanitizing protocols are in place as well as training for each of our Team Partners per CDC guidelines.
  • Family meals have been suspended to enforce physical distancing during breaks and management meetings have moved to outdoor, online, or physically distant capable areas.
  • Our COVID-19 Safety Call in Protocol is also in place to keep any Team Partners/Managers who may be feeling ill or potentially encountered a COVID-19 positive case to keep from coming to the venue at all. Am I required to bring my own golf clubs?
  • While it is not necessary to bring your own clubs, we do encourage our Guests to do so if they choose. Our golf suites will continue to be equipped with golf clubs and sanitized after each group. Are there any changes to the check-in procedure?
  • Guests are asked to follow 6-foot physical distancing guidelines while entering the venue as well as while in line at check-in. If the venue reaches capacity, during any waiting period, Guests will be asked to wait in our outdoor 19th Hole area or their vehicle until we notify of golf suite availability.

Can I arrange an event or party at GolfSuites?

  • Yes, our event teams are happy to assist you in planning a safe and fun event and will advise you to the venue-specific guidelines per GolfSuites venue.
  • Additional safety measures have been put in place for our event experiences regarding buffet service, event check-in, and room capacities. Should I be concerned about the safety of any food or beverage I order?
  • The FDA states there is NO evidence to suggest that foods within the US can transmit COVID-19

As we work to provide this environment, we ask during your next visit to please:

  • If feeling ill, or have tested positive for COVID-19 please stay home and plan to come for some fun once you have recovered
  • Remember to wear your face covering, per local mandates
  • Remember to follow physical distance guidelines around those not within your daily circle
  • Remember, before and after you play, to wash your hands often or use sanitizer. Several stations are provided within our venue.

Our open-air golf suites provide a safe entertainment and dining experience for each of our guests; along with our enhanced procedures, the highest standards of cleanliness and putting our Team Partner and Guest health and safety first. We will continue to monitor and update these procedures based on local mandates and CDC guideline updates.

We look forward to Delivering Fun with Passion in a safe environment each time you visit.

See you soon!

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