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A True Focus On Delivering Exceptional
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We have merged our passion for entertainment, golf, and hospitality with our business acumen to create an experience like no other. To better understand our company, take some time to get to know us below.



Real-Time Game Simulation


State Of The Art Technology


A Personalized Experience


Chef-Crafted Beverage & Dining


Holistic Game Improvement


Fun For All Ages & Skill Levels



Game Simulation




A Personalized


Beverages & Dining


Game Improvement


Fun For All Ages
& Skill Levels

How We Are Merging
Golf Entertainment & Game Improvement


We will continue to develop more GolfSuites venues, each staying true to our brand mission, vision and values. Providing a fun, all-inclusive and engaging environment for recreational golfers and more serious players alike.

Our state-of-the-art PGA level tracking technology in a comfortable suite, with delicious food and drinks served direct to your suite is just the start!

Our commitment to using the latest, innovative gaming technologies, along with having a genuine passion for hospitality, entertainment, and the game itself means we are driven to do more. For our guests and clients alike, we will continue to strive to implement new initiatives that are fun, engaging, and which ultimately help them to strengthen their game.

The Atmposphere

GolfSuites offers a fun, entertainment filled environment with high-quality food, creative menus, unique beverages, and golf all within each multi-level venue. Each location includes full chef-driven restaurant and bar service on every floor interior plus 40-100 climate-controlled semi-private and private suites that include comfortable seating, state-of-the-art PGA Pro level technology and large screen monitors to catch the big game or enjoy your favorite show while you play, eat and drink. This creates the perfect backdrop for any event or occasion.


Superior Technology

We use state-of-the-art Doppler radar-based launch monitor technology Powered by Toptracer. This means guests you play with the most accurate ball-tracking system available, just like the PGA Tour Pros. Try out fully immersive simulated golf on a famous golf courses, capture video swing analysis, and other gaming options that can be recorded and shared on social media.

Or, enjoy a variety of games for any age or skill level. including Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive, Go Fish and many more.

Food & Beverage

Every GolfSuites location features chef-inspired menu offerings, regional specialities, local farm-to-table sourcing, craft cocktails, and ice-cold beers. For any event or occasion, you get a vast range of choice, and incredibly delicious, freshly made food

Our Company

Delivering Fun
With Passion

We have merged our passion for entertainment, golf, and hospitality with our business acumen to create an experience like no other. To better understand our company, take some time to get to know us below.


Improving Your Drive, Drives Us

Every decision we make for the future of GolfSuites is informed by our collective Mission, Vision and Values.



To provide a fun, all-inclusive engaging and authentic golf-centric entertainment venue focused on ultimate hospitality and game improvement.



GolfSuites is the worldwide destination of choice for gamified golf entertainment, events, performance, improvement, and fun for all.



  • To treat all Guests and Team Partners with care as if they were family.
  • To deliver exceptional and consistent Guest experiences with state-of-the-art technology.
  • To deliver value to all Team Partners and offer opportunities for growth and development.
  • To deliver value to all Guests and a fair profit to all shareholders.
  • To provide an all-inclusive environment supporting fun and collaboration.

Partnerships and opportunities

Building Upon A
Solid Foundation

Financial Opportunity

Please note our Reg A+ offering is currently closed.

As part of our Reg A+ offering for GolfSuites 1 investors will own shares of Preferred Stock in GolfSuites, and if funds are legally available, will be paid monthly dividend payments from the time of investment starting one month afterwards, calculated at an 8% annual rate. Based on their investment level, investors will also qualify for special membership benefits and facility access, branded merchandise, food and beverage credits and other select personalized recognition items.

Our Partnerships

GolfSuites has begun to secure partnerships with best-in-class industry leaders and will continue to develop strategic relationships with major brands and value-added partners to provide the best experience for all guests. Our partnership with Kyle Morris and the Golf Room provides aspiring and more serious players with a “tour-like” holistic learning environment including swing instruction, fitness and rehabilitation, mental training, and college golf recruiting for elite juniors.


Meet Our Team

Our experienced and talented team are poised to create the next big thing in entertainment. To better understand our company, take some time to get to know us below.

Nicholas V. Flanagan


Gerald Ellenburg


Michael Zylstra

Chief Administrative Officer


Scott McCurry

Vice President of Operations


Ryan T. Koenig

Development Director

John Galvin



Kyle Morris


Ryan Ellenburg

Capital Markets Associate

Our Story

About GolfSuites & KGEM Golf, Inc.


Early days of KGEM Golf at site visits in Tampa, FL.

GolfSuites started out life as KGEM Golf Inc. and was formed in 2016 with an ambitious plan to develop and operate a chain of golfing entertainment and learning centers. The name GolfSuites was introduced in 2018, and it was at this point, the brand we know and love today came to life. The team behind the brand share a real passion for the sport. It’s this authentic spirit and enthusiasm for the game, combined with the element of fun and enjoyment we all seek, that fuels everything the company does.

GolfSuites will bring together the most realistic golf entertainment and holistic game improvement experience, including a 300+ yard driving range, simulated green sites and hazards, professional quality golf balls and equipment, coaching, restaurants, bars, multiple types of video and live music entertainment all under one roof.

Our next generation, golf entertainment facility will leverage state-of-the-art technology, upgraded member and VIP amenities and superior hospitality to deliver engaging, fun customer experiences for both avid and recreational sports enthusiasts. Our facilities will be designed to effectively host corporate meetings and team building events, fundraisers, family celebrations, national skill event qualifiers and professional showcase events. GolfSuites is targeting avid and novice golfers, families, Millennials and other segments seeking recreation and entertainment in golf complexes.

The company will initially be sourcing and satisfying ongoing development and operational capital needs from several sources including the use of six (6) Regulation A+ funding rounds starting with GolfSuites 1 (Midwest Region), which is currently accepting investments.

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If you have further questions or comments about our company or offering, or if you are interested in career opportunities at GolfSuites, contact us today.
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