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We have merged our passion for golf with our business acumen to create something that is unlike anything golfers and non-golfers alike have ever experienced. To better understand our company, take some time to get to know us below.


GolfSuites Will Feature:

Real-Time Game Simulation

The architect-inspired driving range and putting courses will include “true” green sites, a short game area and simulated hazard designs, along with a featured driving grid for tee shots and multiple skills contests.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Our intended use of state-of-the-art launch monitor technology will allow players to measure and track ball and club data to within inches of targets rather than yards, which other high-tech golf driving ranges provide.

A Personalized Experience

During your time at a GolfSuites location, you’ll have access to semi-private standard and private upgraded golf suites with in-suite gaming, media, charging ports, WiFi, superior food and drink service.

Holistic Game Improvement

GolfSuites will also include a tour-like game improvement academy featuring swing analysis and coaching, mental performance coaching, fitness training and rehabilitation and Men’s and Women’s member locker rooms.


How We Are Merging Golf Entertainment and Game Improvement

We will use the funds from our private and public capital raises to develop golf entertainment facilities that offer a fun, inclusive and engaging environment for recreational golfers and more serious players alike. We want players of every skill level to improve their game using our intended state-of-the-art launch monitor technology that provides a highly-realistic golf simulation in a comfortable suite. An enhanced feature of every GolfSuites’ location is our exclusive Golf Academy, based on PGA® Professional, NBC Golf Academy® featured instructor and GolfSuites Co-Founder Kyle Morris and his successful studio, The Golf Room, in Columbus, Ohio.

The Atmosphere 

GolfSuites will offer fun, entertainment, high-quality food, creative menus, unique beverages and golf built around a two – four level structure. Each facility will consist of 60-100 climate-controlled semi-private and private suites that will offer comfortable seating, special computer tracking to monitor golf gaming and ball flight data, tee boxes, and large screen monitors to watch the big game or your favorite show. VIP memberships will be offered providing guests with greater access, amenities and benefits. Every GolfSuites location will be equipped with Men’s and Women’s member locker rooms (Level 1), sheltered arrival zones and valet parking, online reservation systems and more.

superior technology

We intend to leverage state-of-the-art Doppler Radar-based launch monitor technology that will allow guests to play with the most accurate ball-tracking system available and will measure their ball-flight within three to four inches versus other facilities that only measure to the yard. Inside the facility, players will also have the opportunity to play simulated golf on famous golf courses and capture video swing analysis and gaming that can be recorded and shared with others on social media.

food and beverage

Each location will feature chef-inspired menu offerings, regional specialties, local farm-to-table sourcing and regional craft beers.

GolfSuites’ Golf Academy

GolfSuites’ Golf Academy will be based on PGA® Professional and NBC Golf Academy® featured instructor and GolfSuites Co-Founder Kyle Morris and his successful studio, The Golf Room in Columbus, Ohio. Kyle’s advanced training and coaching techniques are aimed at improving the overall golf game of aspiring players of all ages and skill level. Located on the ground-floor level, the Golf Academy will consist of golf instruction, golf coaching, junior golf recruitment and advisory services, fitness and rehabilitation therapy, mental sports performance training, Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and custom golf club and equipment fitting.


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GolfSuites is a next generation, golf entertainment and game improvement facility that leverages state-of-the-art technology, upgraded member and VIP amenities and superior hospitality to deliver engaging, fun customer experiences for both avid and recreational sports enthusiasts. In addition to delivering the most realistic golfing entertainment experience, there will be comfortable lounge areas for parties, entertainment, food and beverage service as well as opportunities for family, corporate and team building events.

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