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GolfSuites is an emerging company focusing on the development of golf entertainment facilities centered on providing a fun, inclusive and engaging environment.

What Is GolfSuites?

GolfSuites is a next generation golf entertainment center focused on merging entertainment and gaming with superior hospitality and game improvement all while providing the most realistic golf experience possible.

From beginner to expert, there is something for everyone at GolfSuites. We’re committed to creating a facility that focuses on fun, entertainment, inclusion and growing the game. GolfSuites will also specifically cater to the fastest growing segment in sports and golf: young girls and women. There will be women-only learn to play days, events & leagues and more.

Additionally, GolfSuites will feature upgraded amenities, member locker rooms, child-care areas and high-speed Wi-Fi throughout each facility. Our intended use of state-of-the-art launch monitor technology will allow you to simulate your training session or a round of golf from the comfort of your suite, instead of having to worry about braving inclement weather out on the course.

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This offering for GolfSuites 1 has been qualified by the SEC to sell shares under Regulation A+. The company intends to raise up to a maximum of $50M. Investors will be paid an annual dividend of 8% invested capital, paid monthly.*

*Provided the funds are legally available for distribution.

Please note our Reg A+ offering is currently closed.

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Our experienced and talented team averages nearly 30 years each and is poised to create the next big thing in golf.


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If you have further questions or comments about our company or offering, or if you are interested in career opportunities at GolfSuites, contact us today.

GolfSuites is a next generation, golf entertainment and game improvement facility that leverages state-of-the-art technology, upgraded member and VIP amenities and superior hospitality to deliver engaging, fun customer experiences for both avid and recreational sports enthusiasts. In addition to delivering the most realistic golfing entertainment experience, there will be comfortable lounge areas for parties, entertainment, food and beverage service as well as opportunities for family, corporate and team building events.

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